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If you don’t think Nicki Minaj is adorable, you’re wrong.

Folks wanna shit on her for having multi-colored hair and all that shit.

I think it’s pretty and quite frankly, I’m tired of Black women being told they can’t be ‘strange’ and ‘outlandish’

Nicki Minaj’s style is awesome.

i just want

all of nicki’s wigs.

and her lipstick

and her makeup

and maybe her shorts.

okay i just want nicki

she may be adorable or whatever but she cant sing or write a good song even if her life depended on it (ex. YOU A STUPID HOE x20 )






So for those of you may or may not know the organization PETA is people against animal cruelty.

Well let me tell you a story that I just found out today.

Our dog Boulder is a show dog and he was at a show a few weeks or so ago.  PETA was also there and they were protesting how dog shows are inhumane. 

So what did they fucking do?  They let all/most of the dogs out of their kennels and put rat poison inside the kennels.

Boulder got sick after the show and as they were doing tests and everything they found the rat poison in his system.  PETA killed my dog.

My dog Boulder has cancer now which spread to his kidney and his lungs.  He is not going to make it.  He has lost a lot of weight and needs to be fed by hand because of fucking PETA. 

So I want you guys to spread this like wildfire.  Tell everyone about this.  Because of PETA we are losing a member of our family who is near and dear to us.



Jesus fucking Christ this is fucked up

Peta believes that dogs and cats are a mistake and should be culled because they can no longer survive without humans. There’s a quote somewhere with the CEO or whatever she is calling cats “sorry” or something to that effect. 




hermoso gatito virolo <3